• Retail - improving the choice of local shopping whilst supporting existing retail businesses in the village centre


What do you think of the local shops? Is there a good choice – or could there be more on offer?

We want to improve the local shopping facilities, but also support existing shops, pubs, takeaways and other services.

There has been a raft of changes to planning legislation in the wake of Covid-19, which should make it easier to change use and cut red tape.

It gives much more flexibility for uses of buildings to respond to changes in demand.

We have produced a map which you can view by clicking here showing the locations of most retail and service businesses.

We have also produced a map which you can see below of what we think is the Village Centre.

We have also considered the possibility of providing a small convenience store as part of the large Bloor/Persimmon housing development off Norton Hall Lane because there are no shops close to this part of the village.

Our policy suggestions here include:

Support improvements to the attractiveness of the Village Centre and other retail outlet locations, eg environmental improvements and electric vehicle charging facilities.

Support construction of a convenience store at Norton Hall Lane subject to consideration of impact on the village centre.

Support improvements to the village centre car park.

Support roadside retail and service uses on land adjacent to the Turf Inn.

Let us know if you have any other ideas.

Do you think our map of the Village Centre includes the right area?

Have we missed any retail or service outlets in on our map?

Tell us your thoughts, fill in the form below with your comments.

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