The Parish Council have now set the Precept for 2018-19.  It has been a difficult task this year in setting a budget whilst looking at continuing projects for development and also taking into account to the loss of the Government grant of £7,987.  We were able to absorb this loss of grant in last year’s Precept but unfortunately do not have the reserves to maintain this year on year.

We have scrutinised our budgets and looked at where our Precept is spent.  The Precept for 2018-19 has therefore had to be increased and the details in terms of what it means for your purse is as follows:

Per annum            Per week
Increase for 2018-19                 £9.85                    £0.19

Click here to view the Precept document

The increase has been necessary due to additional expenditure in the following areas:

  • Development of a Neighbourhood Plan
  • Increase in provision of Christmas Lights (as the District Council no longer provide these)
  • Defibrillators – ongoing costs in terms of maintenance and supplies for the 5 defibrillators located in the village.
  • Increase in S137 grants to enable us to provide more funding for local community groups.
  • Continuing projects to enhance the village

If you have any queries/concerns about the budget expenditure full details are available at the Parish Office.  Please contact the Clerk on 01543 276812 or alternatively email