Norton Canes Neighbourhood Plan

What is the Norton Canes Neighbourhood Plan?

Norton Canes Neighbourhood Plan - your village, your voice, your plan!

Because we know our residents care about Norton Canes, we think it’s right that they have a say in its future. This can now happen thanks to a new type of planning document, introduced by The Localism Act 2011.

A Neighbourhood Plan can be used by town and parish councils to involve the community in decisions to help shape the future of their area.

How do you write a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is adopted following:


Members of the community are asked to share their opinions on policies that affect the town. Responses will be incorporated into a draft plan.


The draft Neighbourhood Plan is subject to an independent assessment to ensure it:

  • Meets European obligations
  • Has regard to national planning policies
  • Conforms with the strategic policies of the Local Plan
  • Is compatible with adjoining Neighbourhood Plans
  • Contributes to the achievement of sustainable development


Local people will vote in a referendum to state whether they agree with the proposals outlined in the draft plan document.


If the Neighbourhood Plan is supported, it will become part of the statutory Development Plan along with the Local Plan.

What will the Norton Canes Neighbourhood Plan consider?

The plan will consider:

  • Heritage – What are the important features in the village we want to preserve?
  • Transport and Highways – Can our transport links and road systems be improved?
  • Open Spaces, Sport and Recreation – Are our outdoor spaces attractive places to be and do we provide enough sport and recreation facilities for all ages and interests?
  • Housing Development and Infrastructure – What types of new homes are proposed and what services could be improved to accommodate current and future residents?
  • Youth – Are we providing enough facilities and activities for our young people?
  • Local Economy – How can we support businesses in Norton Canes to boost our local economy?

For more details on how the Neighbourhood Plan will guide development in the local area, a more in-depth explanation can be found here.

How YOU can help!

To create a neighbourhood plan that truly speaks for our community, we need your views.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Like our Facebook page
    Join the conversation! Share your views and suggestions on our posts.
  • Engage with us at events.
    We’ll be popping up at various events around the village asking for your thoughts and opinions. Come and talk to us!
  • Ask us to speak at your community group, school or business.
    We can explain more about the purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan and find out what’s important to your members, students and employees. Email to make a request.
  • Fill in a questionnaire.
    We’ll be sharing short questionnaires on Facebook, at events and in our newsletter. We would love to hear your responses.

Please support us as we work together to develop a plan we can be proud of, to provide a better village for us all.

For more information, contact Glenis Turner, Neighbourhood Plan Administrator by email: or speak to Linda Florence, Clerk, Norton Canes Parish Council on 01543 276812.

Updates on the Neighbourhood Plan will appear in the quarterly village newsletters.