Minutes of Council Meeting held on 18th September  2019 at Norton Canes Community Centre at 7pm

Present:           Cllrs J.Preece





  1.    Wilkinson






Also Present:   Mrs.L.Florence (Clerk)

PCSO Megan McAndrew

PCSO Josh Rees

Mrs.G.Turner,Admin Co-ordinator Neighbourhood Plan

6  members of the public


  112/2019      Public Participation


Norton Aluminium – question raised as to whether there had been reports of smells coming from Norton

                        Aluminium which has been an ongoing problem for sometime.  Mr.Sanders stated that he had reported the

problems and had sent an email to the District Council.  It was acknowledged that following a change in management at the factory, there had been some commitment from them to make improvements to alleviate some of the problems.   It was felt that these problems are now recurring and advice was given that issues should be reported to the District Council to enable them collate the evidence to investigate the matter.   Cllr.Mrs.Z.Stretton said that she had noticed the same type of smell when visiting an area around Streethay Farm in Lichfield which is now an abortoria.  Cllr.Stretton said that she would look into this as to whether it was this smell that was affecting the village.  It was reported that Cllr.J.Newbury has been in touch with the District Council and has been informed  that a meeting was going to be arranged within the next few months so that a new draft permit can be done.


Cllr. M.Holder stated that there has always been an issue where the problem emanates from a couple of factories in close proximity.  Liaison has taken place in the past to take issues forward.  The District Council and the Environment Agency are responsible for various parts but communication between the two organisations does not take place.  It is important to keep daily logs.


Action:         Cllr.J.Preece asked for a copy of the email that had been sent to the District Council so     

                        that he could follow this matter up.         


                      Public Participation closed at 7.10 p.m.


 113/2019      Apologies

Apologies were received from County Councillor J.McMahon


 114/2019      Declarations of Interest

                      Declarations of Interest were received from:

                      Cllr.Mrs.Z.Stretton   –  Agenda item  7(a) – District Council Planning Committee

Cllr.J.Preece –            Agenda item (7a) Planning re Euro Garages Ltd


 115//2019     Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 17th July  2019

The Minutes of the Council meeting held on the 17th July were agreed as a true and       accurate record.


     Proposed:    Cllr. J.Beddows

     Seconded:   Cllr. J.Newbury


     Matters Arising from the Minutes

Page 1 – Jerome School – the issue with grass verge and hedge maintenance is still ongoing and the School are still saying County  Council are stating that the school cannot do the work on the hedges as it is not there responsibility.  This matter has been reported by the Parish Council to the Liaison Officer at Highways to request that this been looked into and that a resolution be found.  Awaiting feedback but in the interim the Parish Council lengthsman has carried out some minor work in the area to make a difference before start of new term.


 116/2019       Police Report

PCSO Megan McAndrew gave a verbal report to the meeting about incidents that had occurred in the  village since the last Council meeting. An issue  relating to reported drug dealing on Victoria Working Mens Club car park for which a vehicle registration had been obtained.  A caravan had been stolen from the Business Park in Norton Green Lane. 2 vans have been broken into in Chapel Street and Norton Green Lane and tools taken.  It was reported that Immigration Officers were given a warrant which related to an address in Norton Terrace.  The issues of drug dealing at the rear of the District Council car park have been monitored regularly but no issues observed.   There have been some reports of minor ASB incidents involving young people, particularly relating to the new play area on Red Lion Lane where smoking of weed had been reported.


Questions were raised with regard to two significant incidents relating to a car jacking on the District Council car park and also a hit and run incident that had occurred on the junction of Brownhills Road and Burntwood Road.  PCSO McAndrew stated that a vehicle registration had been obtained relating to the car jacking incident but this was a ‘cloned’ number plate so no information available from that source.  The CCTV at the Parish Office had been reviewed but there was no evidence available relating to the specific car in question.   The hit and run incident has been assigned to an investigating officer to take further.


The Police were informed that there are incidents of speeding along Walsall Road between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. which occurs on a regular basis.  PCSO’s agreed to raise this with the Police Specials to monitor.


The Police were asked about an incident at the Gypsy/traveller site on Stokes Lane where an assault took place recently.  The meeting was told that this case had been assigned and will be further investigated.  Cllr.Z.Stretton said that she had recently observed caravans accessing this lane which would raise concerns  about how many travellers are living at this site now.  Cllr.J.Preece said that there is action being taken through the County Council legal  process to address the issues of the travellers at Stokes Lane.   It was requested that the bund on the land needs to be removed when the legal action is taken so that the farmer can put the gate back up.


117/2019        Councillor Vacancies

                     There had been 5 nominations received for co-option for the 3 Parish Councillor vacancies. Details  of the candidates had been distributed to Councillors prior to the meeting.  A ballot was taken and the 3 successful candidates were:



Mr.Ken Fereday



The successful candidates will be asked to attend the Parish Office to sign their Declaration of Office.


Mr.D.Smith and Mr.R.Horton were unsuccessful in their application and a letter would be  sent thanking them for their interest in becoming a Parish Councillor.


118/2019     Annual Return for 2018-19

                 The Annual Return for 2018-19 including the External Auditors comments was circulated to Councillors prior                    to the meeting. The Clerk reported that there had been no actions required from the audit.


     119/2019      Local Government Review

                        It was reported that notification has been received that Ward boundaries need to re-drawn.  Cllr. Preece said that this was the start of the process and gave an explanation as to how this will work.  The Parish Council will be consulted on this issue and some discussion took place with regard to possible implications.  It was noted, however, at this stage this is for information only but that the Parish Council need to be mindful of the issues.


     120/2019      Consultation re Burntwood Town Council Neighbourhood Plan

                          This Plan is out for Consultation and as there is an issue of borders for Burntwood and Norton Canes it is felt that the Parish Council should have been one of the consultees.  A paper was circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting with some suggestions of what the issues would be for the village.   The proposed response relates to footpath and cycleway links to Chasewater.  Councillors were asked to consider the summary at the end of the report which would be our response to the Consultation.


It was resolved:

To accept the suggested response to the consultation as contained in the circulated Report and submit to Lichfield District Council.


     121/2019     Reports from Councillors:

(a)  Feedback from meeting with Capital Projects Manager at CCDC–   Cllr.J.Preece reported that he and the Clerk had recently met with Colin Donnelly the newly appointed Capital Projects Manager at the District Council to look at projects across Cannock Chase.  The Parish Council were keen to discuss the projects in Norton Canes particularly the Cema and the upgrade of play area.  The meeting was a positive one and it was felt that our concerns and ideas were listened too and an agreement to move things forward.  There will be ongoing dialogue in the future to ensure we progress matters for the village.


(b) Dementia Friendly Community –  A report had been circulated by Cllr.S.Harding prior to the meeting outlining the process of the village becoming a Dementia Friendly Community.  We have been  part of Cannock Chase Dementia Friendly Alliance in the past, however, we do need to apply again for this status. One of things that needs to be in place is a Steering Group and Cllr Harding would be looking for 2 or 3 names to be included as members of the Steering Group. Cllr.Harding confirmed that she is happy to take this forward and be the link person but does need the Steering group to be set up as part of the process.   It was agreed that the Council would support Cllr.Harding taking this initiative forward and suggested that information be put in the next edition of the Newsletter to raise awareness.


        It was resolved:

That the Parish Council would give support the village becoming a Dementia Friendly Community and agreement that Cllr.Mrs.S.Harding should proceed with taking forward the initiative and look towards setting up a Steering Group.


Commonwealth Games 2020 –  Cllr. Mrs.S.Harding outlined the plans of CHAPS to involve   local schools in producing a panel to put on Cannock Chase as a legacy of the Games. This project will involve recycling of materials and would welcome the support of the Parish Council.


Mining Memorial at National Arboretum  –  Cllr Mrs.S.Harding reported that CHAPS are looking at a mining memorial to be located at the National Arboretum and that they will be approaching local Parish Councils for some financial support.


122/2019   Reports from Committee  


                  Summary of Planning Items from Parish Meeting on September 2019

Comments forwarded to Cannock Chase Council by the Parish Council’s Planning Committee

No of Planning Application Address of proposed application


Proposal Comments by Parish
Planning Committee
CH/16/267 Land to North of Wyrley Common and South of A5 Watling Street Amended Plans – proposed change to use of outdoor go-karting facility and associated operational development including formation of track (1200m), car park and associated landscaping and works The amendment refers to additional documents that have been requested therefore no comment required from Parish Council as it does not affect the original application
CH/19/294 614 Watling Street

Norton Canes

(Euro Garages)

Variation of Conditions 3 (Construction Management Plan, 5 (Site Investigation), 7(Environmental Management Plan), 8 (Landscaping Plan) 10 (Approved Plans and documents The application refers to minor variations to the site relating to technical issues.  Parish Council do not have the technical ability to comment on the variations but requested that the District Council monitor the issues to ensure that the variations are complied with.
CH/19/314 1 Washbrook Lane

Norton Canes

Garage extension and addition of new dormers to existing garage No objections
CH/19/283 Maple House

Norton Green Lane

Norton Canes

Illuminated fascia sign – resubmission of CH/19/149 for illumination hours to be from  16.00 hrs to 23.00 hrs. Permission granted


  CH/19/086 – Cllr.Mrs.Z.Stretton raised a concern about the previous application relating to this property.  It was confirmed that the Planning Committee had commented on the issue of car being parked on Deer Close which would have an impact on residents.



Discussion ensued on possible projects to take forward for the enhancement of the village.  It was agreed that the Minutes of the Projects Committee held on the 7th August be circulated and that the contents should be discussed at the October Council meeting.

A report was circulated to the meeting outlining some costings relating to two projects that the Council felt could be taken forward as follows

(a)   The new welcome sign located at Norton Hall Lane had received positive feedback and was felt to enhance the appearance of the village.  Discussion ensued on commissioning another welcome sign and it was suggested that the location for this would be the entrance to the village on Walsall Road by the M6 Toll bridge. The estimated costs or this would be £3,300 including installation.

(b)    An additional hanging basket column to be installed at the junction of Burntwood Road and Norton East Road which is the entrance from Burntwood to the village.  The estimated costs for this would be £1,374 including installation.

It was confirmed that there is a budget of £9,425 for village enhancements. The total expenditure for both projects would be in region of £5,000 depending on the installation costs involved.

It was resolved:

To proceed with the purchase of a new welcome sign and a new hanging basket column.  Items to be installed before the end of March 2020 and ensure that expenditure is within this financial year.

The report did contain a reference to the small piece of land leading to the play area off Bettys Lane and whether this could be part of a garden area as with Millennium and Jubilee Gardens.  It was agreed that whilst this was mentioned it should not form part of any proposed project at this stage other than to make enquiries of the District Council about a possible Lease/Licence on this land.  This matter to be further discussed when more information available.

  Audit and Governance  

  There were no items to report under Audit and Governance.

122/2019   New Cemetery

A meeting is being waiting to be arranged with members of the PCC to discuss issues relating to the demolition of the internal wall which is part of the present planning application.

123/2019   Neighbourhood Plan

                  It was reported that the work of the Neighbourhood Plan is ongoing.  A report was to be circulated to the meeting with an update but it was not available.  It was agreed to email this document to Councillors after the meeting.


The topic groups are meeting regularly to be able to take things forward which links into the Steering Group. It was felt that the Plan is quite fluid with people’s involvement and that this is going well.   Cllr.Mrs.S.Harding said that she attended the last Steering Group meeting on the 5th September and felt that as her link via the Patient Practitioners Group at the Drs Surgery, that she would be able to input into the health topic group and therefore would like to become a member of the Steering Group to help contribute to the overall Plan.


   124/2019   Highways

             There had been no Liaison Meeting with Highways since the last meeting.  A Road Closure Notice had been received which related to the overnight closure of Norton Hall Lane  from 23rd to 27th September with a suggested diversion using Washbrook Lane.. There was some concern about the use Washbrook Lane and this has been taken up with Highways Dept..

 125/2019   .Chairman’s Announcements

(a)Incoming and outgoing correspondence was circulated prior to the meeting and noted


(b)  Joint Parish Meeting:   The Chairman referred to a joint meeting of Burntwood Town Council, Heath

Hayes and  Wimblebury Parish Council and Norton Canes Parish Council to discuss cross boundary issues  and share good practice.  Cllr Preece gave feedback on the information discussed.


(c)   Notification re Payphones in Norton Canes -the Chairman reported that notification had been received    from Cannock Chase District Council regarding proposed changes to telephone boxes on Norton East Road and Red Lion Lane.





 126/2019   Authorisation of Accounts  


                        A schedule of accounts for payment in August and September 2019 had been circulated to Councillors prior

to the meeting which were noted and authorised. An additional cheque was approved for £22 re hire of

meeting room payable to the Community Centre.


                   Proposed:  Cllr.J.Bernard

                   Seconded: Cllr.J.Beddows


 127/2019    Date of Next Meeting –  Wednesday 16th October  2019  at 7 p.m. at Norton Canes Community


 128/2019    Items for Information and Future Agenda             


The meeting closed at 8.40 p.m.


 SIGNED…………………………………………………….………  DATED………………………………………..……