Minutes of Council Meeting

held on 18th November 2020

Virtual meeting held via Zoom at 7 p.m.


   Present:  Cllrs J.Preece

J Bernard

Mrs.A. Bernard









   Also In Attendance:    Mrs.L.Florence (Clerk)

3 members of the Public


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. He wished to hold a minute’s silence in respect of the sad death of Richard Davies due to covid related illness.  He said that members of the Council and the Neighbourhood Plan group where shocked and saddened to hear of Richard’s death.  Richard will be remembered for his passion for the village and his commitment to the work of the Neighbourhood Plan.  His vision for this will be greatly missed.  Richard had also been involved with the Chase Coronavirus Support Group during the first lockdown and was a volunteer at Catherine Care.  Flowers and a card have been sent to his wife and family.


   Public Participation


Planning Application CH/20/377.   This planning matter was raised as one of concern relating the application which was for prior notification for a cattle shed on land north of Washbrook Lane.   Cllr J Preece said that he had taken the issues raised up with the District Council questioning the dimensions of the building.  A response has been received but this merely focuses on the technical side of the application and does not address some of the issues raised.  Cllr Preece felt this was something that needs to be monitored.  There is some feeling that this will be another ‘back route’ to a obtain a residential site for gypsy/travellers and that we should be aware of this.  Mrs.J.Bullock said in her a 100ft shed should be put in green belt. view the land would need to be registered for cattle and questions why   She is concerned that this land belongs to an applicant that has previously obtaining planning permission for land at the top of Washbrook Lane but is known not to have followed the planning conditions which raises concerns.


Flooding on Walsall Road/Norton Grange –  Mr.P.Sanders that there had still be no response from Highways relating to the monitoring of the brook by Cherry Brook on Walsall Road as it had been felt that the issues of the blocking of this brook caused some of the problems re the flooding experienced on Walsall Road/Grange Road.  It was reported that this had been raised with the Highways Dept as a follow up action.  Clerk to contact Highways for an update.


Action:       Clerk to contact Highways for an update response re the monitoring of the brook and the actions taken.


Public Participation closed at 7.17 pm


 280/2020   Apologies

                      Apologies were received from Cllrs.J Beddows and R.Wilkinson


 281/2020   Declarations of Interest

                     Declarations of Interest were receive from:

Member Interest Reason
Cllr Mrs.Z.Stretton Planning applications

Agenda Item 8 (a)

Member of District Council Planning Committee
Cllr Mrs.D.Todd Planning applications

Agenda Item  8 (a)

Member of District Council Planning Committee
Cllr Mrs.S.Harding Miner’s Plaque

(Matters Arising)

Member of CHAPS


 282/2020   Minutes of Meeting held on 21st October 2020

                     The Minutes of the Council meeting on the 21st October 2020 were agreed as a true and accurate record to include the following amendment:

Page 2 –  Police Report – Cllr.Fereday asked for an amendment relating to his comment about Police  presence. Fourth Paragraph the statement should say’ this should read does demand more Police presence’.


     Proposed:    Cllr. J.Bernard

  Seconded:   Cllr. Mrs.S.Harding


   Matters Arising from the Minutes:


   Page 1 – Miner’s Plaque  –  this should read that the Council will have a dedication in the commemorative book not on the plaque itself.


Page 3  –  Cheque for Foodbank – Cllr.J.Bernard asked if the cheque had been sent to the

Foodback. The Clerk confirmed that the cheque had been raised and was awaiting signatories but would be posted within the next few days.


   283/2020     Police Report

                    No police report had been received.


 284/2020    Cema Upgrade

                      Notes of a meeting held with Officers of the District Council held on the 10th November 2020

were circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting.  This meeting was mainly to take forward

thec plans for the consultation process which would commence on the 23rd November.  It was

confirmed that a QR code had been included on the flyer.


 285/2020     Grove Colliery

                     The Minutes of a meeting held on 4th November with members of the working group from the Parish Council, Little Wyrley estates and their planning consultants Richborough Estates were circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting.  This gave an update as to the potential working partnership with Little Wyrley Estates in terms of the potential redevelopment/regeneration of Grove Colliery.


The meeting was informed that now that the planning application for the Gylsy Traveller site on Lime Lane had been approved which allows the appeal process for planning on Grove Colliery not to proceed that this now enables an opportunity to start talking and consulting with people such as the District Council and Little Wyrley Estates to come up with ideas for the potential development of this site.  Cllr.Mrs.Z.Stretton said that she felt it was now important that Ward Councillors met with Dean Piper at the District Council to discuss the future of Grove Colliery. Some discussion ensued on the position of the District Council as they own the building and may want to get rid of this asset.


Action:            Clerk was asked to arrange a meeting for the 3 Ward Councillors with Dean Piper.


 286/2020     Reports from Councillors

                          Dementia Alliance –  Mrs.S.Harding had attended a recent meeting and said that it is not being published that Norton Canes are supporting this.  This can be addressed by getting some printed posters to show that we are a dementia friendly community and make people aware.  Cllr Mrs.Harding said that she would look at getting some quotes for printing of posters which could be funded through a small underspend that she has available from her Forget Me Not events.   Cllr.Mrs.D.Todd said that stickers had been used in Heath Hayes to promote the friendly alliance community but it was unclear whether these were still available.


 287/2020     Reports from Committees


  • Planning:


Village Newsletter – Cllr.Mrs.S.Harding reported that she had received some complaints as not all residents were receiving their copies of the newsletters.  The Clerk highlighted the problems with the availability of volunteers and that we do need to engage more people especially as now we have more new estates to deliver to.


Christmas Lights – Cllr.J.Preece told the meeting that some consideration for next year’s Christmas lights could be given to local school children making decorations for windows.  He had seen this in another area which looked effective and agreed to look into how this could be done.


Action:              Cllr.J.Preece agreed to explore Christmas decorations made by local children and report back to a Projects Committee in consideration for next year’s Christmas lights


  • Summary of Planning applications


No of Planning Application Address of proposed application


Proposal Comments by Parish
Planning Committee
CH/20/347 252 Norton East Road

Norton Canes

Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension


No objections
CH/20/350 Norton Canes Business Park

12 Jerome Road

Norton Canes

Change of use of part of existing industrial unit into offices, to include sub-division of the unit into 3 to provide B1 and B2 uses with alterations to the elevations. No objections
CH/20/351 41 Newbury Road

Norton Canes

Single storey rear extension and enlargement of existing garage to the front


No objections
CH/20/207 Ivy Gate Cottage

38 Norton Green Lane

Norton Canes

Change of use from detached garage to 1 bed dwelling Permission granted


(ii)  Decision re Gypsy/Traveller Site Lime Lane

The meeting was informed that the planning application for the Gypsy/Traveller site on Lime Lane had been approved.   This now enabled proposals to be put forward in relation to the potential development of Grove Colliery.


  • Lantern Parade – Cllr.Mrs.A.Bernard told the meeting that a decision had been made not to  hold an alternative santa parade due to the restrictions that would need to be adhered to.
  • Welcome Signs


  • Festive Window Competition 2020

A discussion ensued on the festive window competition for 2020.  Due to the restrictions of Covid some shops would not be able to open and so take part in the competition.  It was suggested that a different way should be looked at for this year whereby shops/businesses/residents all be asked to enter into the festive spirit by displaying Christmas decorations.  It is about coming together in what has been a difficult year and that the normal festive window competition could resume in the future.   A message could be included in the Newsletter to ask for photos of displays that could be incorporated as a collage in the March 2021 newsletter.


(c ) Audit and Governance


  • Annual Return 2019/20

Cllr J.Bernard referred to the Notice of Conclusion from the External Auditor which gave the Council a’ clean bill of health’ in terms of its finances for the financial year 19/20.  Cllr. Bernard thanked the Clerk for her work in adhieving this.


(il)   Cil Recept re Housing Development on  7 Bridges Road

It was confirmed that a Cil receipt of £2,717 had been received in respect of housing    development on 7 Bridges Road.  This sum had been transferred to the Reserves account pending decisions re plans for this money.


288/2020   Neighbourhood Plan


Minutes of a meeting held on the 5th November were circulated prior to the meeting which provided an update but it was acknowledged that there is a much bigger picture in the ongoing. work of the Plan. The continued work with the schools has been put on hold until January.   The meeting was told that it was important that reference should be made to areas the Mineral Line (the Batta), the disabled access to Chasewater from Norton East Road and to consider Natural England policy for No Mans Bank.


It was suggested that the Consultants for the Neighbourhood Plan should be invited to attend a future Council meeting to give an overview of the progress of the Plan which would give Councillors the opportunity to ask any questions.


Action:       Clerk to invite the Consultants to a future Council meeting early in the New Year.

  289/2020     Highways

    Flooding on Walsall Road/Norton Grange – Mr.P.Sanders raised the monitoring of the brook on    Walsall Road as it was felt this had been a contributing factor to the flooding issues experienced by residents on Walsall Road/Norton Grange.   This has been raised with Highways as to how this can be monitored but no feedback has been received.


Action:            Clerk to chase Highways Dept re a response as to how the monitoring of the brook will be carried out.    

  290/2020     New Cemetery


It was reported that an email had been (copy circulated to all received  from the Solicitors, a copy which had been circulated prior to the meeting, which had asked the Council to pay costs of a survey relating to access pathway in relating to the Charity


The meeting was told that the new cemetery working group had not met for sometime due to the delays relating to the legal process of the Deed of Easement .  It was agreed that a meeting be arranged within the next week to discuss the status of the new cemetery project and Council agreed that the working group be given the power to approve the legal costs if felt the right way forward following discussion.


Action:            Clerk to arrange a meeting of the working group of the New Cemetery.


  291/2020    Chairman’s Announcements & Correspondence

                    To note the correspondence that was circulated prior to the meeting.


  292/2020   Authorisation of Accounts

                       A schedule of payments for November was circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting.  .


Proposed:    Cllr

Seconded:    Cllr.


         293/2020 Date of next meeting: Wednesday 16th December 2020 a 7 p.m.   Meeting will be held via Zoom.  


         294/2020   Items for Information and Future Agenda            


         The meeting closed at 20.40p.m.


    SIGNED……………………………………………………….………  DATED……………………………………….…………………..……