Minutes of Council Meeting held on 21st November 2018 at Norton Canes Community Centre at 7pm

Present: Cllr J.Preece

Also Present: Mrs.L.Florence (Clerk)
5 members of the Public

145 /2018 Public Participation

Drain on Co-op Car Park – Mr.R.Knowles raised the issue of the drain which has been damaged for some time. The Clerk informed the meeting that this has been reported to the District Council and that the Council have instructed a Contractor to repair this.

Pothole located at the Stables – Mr.Bagley reported that there was a pothole located near the new houses at The Stables on the Burntwood Road. It was stated that this had now been repaired.

Mud on Norton Hall Lane – the issue of the mud on Norton Hall Lane is still causing a problem. Cllr.J.Preece informed the meeting that he had raised this with the Planning Dept at the District Council who are in discussion with Persimmon. It was suggested that it may be appropriate to raise the issue for future developments that wheel washers are automatically considered. Mr.R.Knowles raised the matter of when the traffic calming measures are going to be in place as there are still issues relating to HGV’s using Church Road. It was clarified that the traffic calming measures are being funded through the S106 agreement and the money for Highways from that do not normally become available until a certain number of houses have been built. There would therefore be some delay in implementing the calming measure.

Action: Clerk to ascertain from the Agreement what number of houses have to be built before S106 money is released.

Site on Walsall Road (opposite the Turf) – Mrs.J.Bullock informed the meeting of the issues being experienced on the field opposite the Turf due to the damage caused to the sewerage pipe on the field which led to sewerage flooding the field. The District Council are involved due to the land being leased. The Environment Agency are investigating the matter as it is a criminal offence. The field in question is not able to be used for 18 months. The District Council do not seem to have been monitoring the situation.

Action: Cllr J.Preece to speak to the District Council about this matter.

Public Participation closed at 7.25 p.m.

146/2018 Apologies
Apologies were received from Cllrs.M.Holder, J.Beddows and Mrs.M.Hopley

147/2018 Declarations of Interest
Cllr.Mrs.Z.Stretton declared an interest regarding Agenda item 6 (a) re planning as she is a member of the
District Council Planning Committee.

148/2018 Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 17th October 2018
The Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 17th October were agreed as a true and accurate record.

Proposed: Cllr. J.Bridgen
Seconded: Cllr. Mrs.A.Bernard

Matters Arising from the Minutes

Page 2 – Dementia Poppy Morning – Cllr. Mrs.S.Harding asked for an amendment to the Minutes as the amount raised at the event was £600-£700.

149/2018 Police Report
The Clerk reported that an email had been sent by the PCSO but had included the wrong attachment which was not the report for the meeting. It was agreed to circulate this report to Councillors when available. Cllr.J.Preece reported that a meeting had taken place with David Redmond.from the Police who manages the PCSO’s for the village. We discussed our concerns relating to neighbourhood policing and gave examples of where we thought there were issues in the village. It was a positive meeting and it is hoped that things will now move forward in terms of networking with them.

150/2018 Reports from Councillors:

Arts Funding for Cannock – Cllr Mrs.S.Harding reported that she had attended an event relating to Arts funding for Cannock which included Norton Canes. The funding is for healthy living and could attract between £1-2 million. Norton Canes was held up as good example due to our involvement in community groups and being Dementia Alliance champion including the Forget Me Not day events that have been arranged.

151/2018 Reports from Committees
Comments forwarded to Cannock Chase Council by the Parish Council’s Planning Committee

No of Planning Application Address of proposed application
Proposal Comments by Parish
Planning Committee
CH/18/364 9 St.James Road
Norton Canes Single Storey garage extension Raised concern about how the proposed extension comes forward of the house which may affect neighbours’ visibility. Suggested a site meeting may be helpful in determining decision.
CH/18/358 Land at rear of 58 Brownhills Road
Norton Canes Construction of a garage and its access associated with the development approve on site (CH/17/011) Objection to the proposed access from the District Council car park and the loss of disabled parking bays.
CH/18/380 Norton Road, Cannock Crematorium with Ceremony Hall, memorial areas, garden of remembrance and associated parking and infrastructure Fully support the proposed development but would raise the question of the sustainability of the materials being used and what maintenance plans are in place for the future
23 Brownhills Road
Norton Canes Proposed 2nd storey side extension over existing garage and 2nd storey rear extension over existing ground floor extension No Objections
CH/18/370 2 Woodfield Drive
Norton Canes
Retention of outbuilding to rear No objections other than to state that the proposed outbuilding cannot be used for residential purposes.

CH/18/368 5 Charter Close
Norton Canes Front, side and rear extensions
No objections
CH/18/392 71 Burntwood Road
Norton Canes Development of 70 Houses Not yet considered by Parish Planning Committee

Decisions from CCDC


Cllr. Mrs.A.Bernard gave an update on the planned projects as follows:

Beacon Event
WW1 Centenary Beacon Event – the Beacon event took place on the 11th November. There was a good attendance and the event went well. It was highlighted that at future events a better pa system would be beneficial as many people found it difficult to follow as they could not hear. Cllr. Mrs.S.Harding explained the reasons and said that she had received good feedback. Some children did dress up in costumes relating to the era which added to the event. It was agreed that a thank you letter should be sent.. Suggestion of lighting was made but this had been looked into and was expensive. Other options were put forward for the future. It was noted that the after event at the Lido Working Men’s Club was excellent. Cllr Mrs.A.Bernard felt that the fact that this event was organised should be seen as a positive. It was noted that Chisholm Wallace had given a donation of 200 towards the event.

Action: Clerk to write a thank you letter to those who dressed up in costume to support the event.

Lantern Parade
The meeting was informed that all the plans were in place for the Lantern Parade and the Clerk asked for Marshalls for the event.

Festive Window Competition
It was reported that letters are going out to the shops re this year’s entry in the Competition. Cllr.J.Preece suggested that an application form could be sent out with the letters so we are aware of what shops are taking part to ensure that everyone is judged. Also to ask entrants whether they require a visit during the day or in the evening as some owners do not leave their lights on all the time. Everyone needs to be judged fairly and use the same criteria.

It was suggested that the judges for the Competition should be Val Brabazon from the Library and Ann Butlin from the Judo Club if they are available.

Christmas Lights – it was noted that everything is in place for the Christmas Lights with the switch on being the 7th December. There has been no additional expenditure relating to any testing or maintenance of the lights this year.

Audit and Governance
Nothing to report. Next meeting of the Committee meets in early December.
152/2018 New Cemetery
Cllr.Mrs.A.Bernard referred to the current status regarding the Project. It was felt that as the Parish Council elections are in May 2019 the Project should be at a point that can go forward and asked Councillors whether to consider if we should now purchase the Land as agreement is in place with the Landowner and the funding is ringfenced. This would enable the Project to move forward under the guidance of the new Council following the elections carrying out the wishes of the public from the outcome of the consultation process.
It was accepted that this has been a long drawn out Project with ongoing negotiations that have become complicated. In looking to submit a further planning application it has become apparent that the internal wall, which has been agreed to be used as the preferred pathway, is a listed wall as it is in the curtilage of the Church building.
Discussion ensued and Councillors were mindful that the right decision needs to be made as this was public money that was being used and that all appropriate steps should be taken to ensure that all legal requirements are adhered to. There were differences of opinions on the option being considered where some felt that the Project would be in a better position to move forward if the land was purchased. The Clerk advised that the funding for the purchase of the land has been put in a Community Bond that does not expire until May 2019 so funds cannot be accessed until that date.
A vote was taken of the Councillors in attendance on the question as to whether the Parish Council should purchase the land for the new cemetery now. The outcome of the vote was 6 against and 4 for the motion.
It was resolved:
The Parish Council should not purchase the land at this time but that the agreement is still in place to take the Project forward and purchase the land at that time when all matters have been agreed.
It was suggested that there were some action points that could be taken as follows:
1. Arrange a meeting with Angela Grove from the District Council relating to her advice given re a new submission of the planning application pertaining to the preferred access and the internal wall.
2. Arrange a meeting with the landowners, the Holford Group, to discuss the suggested temporary access for the building of the new cemetery.
3. Discuss with the PCC and the Diocese re the alternative access pathway that would avoid the wall.

153/2018 Neighbourhood Plan
The meeting was informed that from the Launch event held on the 13th October, a questionnaire was produced for residents to make comments about the local village which would form part of the Plan. There have been questionnaires located at the Community Centre, Library, Health Centre and in the Co-op where residents have been asked to complete them. Also there is an on-line survey available. The expiry date for the forms to be completed is the 30th November. These will then be analysed and a working group meeting will be held to look at next steps..
154/2018 Highways
Blakeney Way – Cllr.J.Hampshire raised concerns about the strip of tarmac outside APC on Blakeney Way as this has become quite deep and is causing problems for motorists.
Bettys Lane/Walsall Road – there is a sunken drain which requires attention.
Church Road – pothole outside number 26 has been reported previously but still needs repair.
Action: Clerk to chase up Highways re the issues mentioned.
155/2018 Bus Shelter on Brownhills Road
A request had been received from the County Council as to whether the Parish Council would consider adopting the Bus Shelter located on Brownhills Road (opposite Red Lion Lane). This would give consistency in terms of ownership as the Parish Council do own most of the shelters in the village and these are on the Parish Council Asset Register. The Clerk pointed out that the shelter in question is a new one which was provided by Taylor Wimpey when the new Chasewater Grange estate was built. Therefore any maitnenace requirements would be minimal in terms of the Budget. It was agreed that we contact the County Council and agree in principle but to use this a leverage to get the Council to respond to our request for a hard standing of the bus stop on Brownhills Road going out of the village opposite the bungalow that used to be part of the garden centre.
It was resolved:
To write to the County Council agreeing in principle to the transfer of the Bus Shelter on Brownhills Road to the Parish Council but ask that they consider our request for a hard standing for the bus stop on that road.
155/2018 Chairman’s Announcements & Correspondence
Incoming and outgoing correspondence was circulated prior to the meeting and noted.

The Chairman reported that a response has been received from District Councillor Christine Mitchell regarding our request for consideration to use S106 money for upgrade of playground area particularly the Cema.

The Chairman referred to a piece of land on Burntwood Road which is a Triple SI site which is being auctioned on the 12th December. This is considered to be in ‘no man’s land’ and some query as to what this could be used for..

156/2018 Authorisation of Accounts
A list of accounts for payment in November 2018 had been circulated to members prior to the meeting which were authorised.
Proposed: Cllr. J.Bernard
Seconded: Cllr. M.Stretton
157/2018 Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 19th December at 7 p.m. at Norton Canes Community Centre.

158/2018 Items for Information and Future Agenda

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm

SIGNED: ……………………………………….………. DATED …………………………….