Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on the 18 May 2022 at Norton Canes Community Centre Brownhills Road Norton Canes at 7.00pm


Cllrs. J Preece Chairman

Mrs A Bernard

J Bernard

W Bird

K Fereday

Mrs S Harding

M Holder

S Loundes

J Newbury

M Holder

Mrs S Harding

P Sanders

Mrs D Todd

R Wilkinson


Also in Attendance:

Mrs L Florence (Clerk)

Mrs G Turner

Mrs S Thompson County Councillor

4 Members of the Public



62/2022 Election of Chairman

The meeting was asked for nominations for Chairman of the Council for the ensuing year.

Cllr J Preece was proposed by Cllr M Holder and seconded by Cllr Mrs D Todd

It was resolved:

All in favour that Cllr J Preece be elected as Chairman of the Council for the ensuing year.

Declaration of Acceptance

Cllr J Preece thanked Councillors for the nomination and signed the Declaration of Acceptance

763/2022 Election of Vice Chairman

The meeting was asked for nominations for Vice Chairman of the Council for the ensuing year.

Cllr J Bernard was proposed by Cllr Mrs A Bernard and seconded by Cllr M Holder

It was resolved:

All in favour that Cllr J Bernard be elected as Vice Chairman of the Council for the ensuing year.

Declaration of Acceptance

Cllr J Bernard thanked Councillors for the nomination and signed the Declaration of Acceptance

Plaque in memory of Cllr J Beddows

The Chairman showed Members for information the plaque that has been made in memory of Cllr J Beddows which is to be displayed at the Health Centre.

Public Participation:


Mrs Jean Hill thanked all Council Members for the hard work that they do on behalf of the Community in Norton Canes. She presented all Members who had been in office on the

6 February 2022 with a Jubilee cushion that she had made herself to celebrate the forthcoming Queens Jubilee.

The Chairman thanked Mrs Hill on behalf of all Members.

Potholes Blakeney Way

Feedback was requested on the current situation as to the potholes on Blakeney Way.

County Cllr Mrs S Thompson informed Members that works are due to be carried out and that Blakeney Way would be inspected on a three-monthly cycle.

Temporary Traffic Lights – Hednesford Road

A matter was raised regarding the temporary traffic lights which had been left on when no road works were being carried out and who do you contact to switch off.

County Cllr Mrs S Thompson informed Members that they needed to ring highways and the matter would then be recorded in the Highway’s log.

Church Road

Reference was made to the ramp sign that should have been put in place which was not done until the following day.

Public Participation closed at 7.15pm

64/2022 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr D Bilbie

 65/2022 Declarations of Interest

Cllr J Preece declared an interest in the Parochial Church Council


66/22 Appointment of Committees, Sub Committees and Working Parties

The Committee structure of the Council was reviewed for the ensuing year.  A discussion ensued as to whether any Councillor required any changes to the Committees they were on

Projects/Village Enhancement

Cllr S Loundes asked to be added to the membership

Events Committee

Cllrs W Bird, K Fereday, J Newbury, and P Sanders asked to be added to the membership.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Cllr H Holder wished to be removed from this Group. Cllr P Sanders asked to be added to the membership.

Highways Committee

Members agreed to change the name of the Committee to the Highways Liaison Group.

Cllrs J Newbury, and P Sanders asked to be added to the membership

Action:  A list of the new Committee structure to be circulated to Councillors and displayed on the website and notice boards.

67/2022 Annual Governance Statement for 2021/22

The contents of the Annual Governance statement were discussed against each statement.

It was resolved:

To approve the statements in the Annual Governance Statement for 2021-22 as a true record.

68/2022 Annual Return 2021/22

Cllr M Holder presented the Annual Return 2021/22 approved by the Internal Auditor.

With regard to the comments made re petty cash payments. This referred to the purchase of the wooden lantern from the Woodturners Group and it should be noted that labels/tag are not recognised as petty cash receipts Also the Clerk had purchased flowers for a Cllr following a bereavement but the receipt had been lost.. Discussion took place and the two outstanding invoices re adverts in the village newsletters.  Despite reminders these invoices remain unpaid at the year end. The auditor advised that as we operate on an receipts and payments basis these invoices  are not classed as income in this financial year. The Bank reserve was noted.

It was resolved:

          To approve the contents of the Annual Return for 2022-22.

 69/2022 Police Report

The Police report was noted.

70/ 2022 Reports from Councillors

Cllr Mrs S Harding reported on the “Forget -Me- Not” Event 2022 held on Wednesday 18 May 2022 at Norton Canes Community Centre it was a most enjoyable afternoon and she thanked everyone for attending and their contributions.

£178.50 has been passed onto the Alzheimer’s Society.

Cllr Mrs Harding informed members that an Invoice has yet to be received from the Forest of Mercia who provided a willow weaving demonstration which then enabled people to join in and make an object with willow. Cllr Mrs Harding to provide the Clerk with an email address in order that she can chase up the outstanding invoice.


71/2022 Reports from Committees


  • Planning

The Parish Clerk to arrange a meeting to be held next week.

Discussion took place on the proposed applications and in respect of the proposals for change of use from agricultural to mixed outdoor recreation buildings, entrance for Go Kart Track and it was agreed that the applicants be asked to make a presentation to all Members.


  • Projects


Jubilee Events


Cllr Mrs A Bernard informed Members that a meeting had been held last week and everything for the forthcoming Jubilee Celebrations are in hand.


Thursday 2 June 2022

A patriotic musical sing along will take place before the lighting of the Beacon at 9.45pm and people will be requested to provide their own chairs.


Saturday 4 June 2022

Everything is now in place for the Party in the Park. Cllr Mrs Bernard thanked Members for their help and also all the volunteer’s. There have been problems with the order placed for the flags and bunting the Company dealing with the order had taken payment but not dealt with the dispatch of the goods this matter has now been resolved.

With regard to the bouncing castle the providers currently cannot provide staff to cover the event and without which we cannot get the necessary insurance cover and it may be necessary to cancel the bouncing castle.

The band has been booked and have a site visit next week.

As regards Marshalls High Viz jackets will be supplied.

The coin gifts to be given to the children as a memento are currently being put into presentation wallets.

Cllr Mrs Bernard wished to express her thanks to the Community Centre for all the help given.




Cllr Mrs A Bernard reported that unfortunately we have had to withdraw from the Best Kept Village competition but will look again at entering next year.


The Clerk reported on the planters for the traffic island at Norton Hall Lane are far too small to be used and look lost so work is still in progress. John the Lengths man is preparing a design for Councillors to look at and approve.

Members raised the question as to whether we could get sponsors for the planting on the Island however, a business rate for the advertising would have to be paid. The Clerk to look further into this matter.


(c) Audit and Governance

Cllr M Holder went through the draft minutes of the Audit and Governance meeting held on 29 April.2022 which Members should have received by email many of the items have already been considered in the annual audit return.

It was agreed that the draft minutes be noted.


72/2022 New Cemetery

The Clerk informed Members that she had sent an email to the landowners to inform them of the current position and she had only received a reply from them yesterday stating they were having problems with their legal representatives and were looking for alternative representation. Members were informed that the faculty application has now been paid which should take up to two to four weeks.

Cllr M Holder said a decision was needed as to whether to draw down the loan and the Clerk will need to contact the Public Loans Board for what information is required. It was agreed that this item should be put on the agenda for the next Council meeting to be held in June 2022.


73/2022 Highways

Discussion took place regarding the following issues

Bollards on Norton Green Lane County Cllr S Thompson informed members that this matter had now been dealt with and the bollards removed.

The bollards at Penny Cress Green have been removed

The Clerk stated that the task that Cheryl Larvin the SCC Highways Officer had been asked to look at had all been completed.

The litter problem outside the tip was raised and it was suggested contact be made with Chris Blakeman.

Burntwood Road sunken drain County Cllr S Thompson to chase up.

Newlands Lane the problem with big lorries blocking the road and the tarmac was worn and missing in some areas and the road not being suitable for heavy traffic.

Blakeney Way/ Newlands Lane not enough litter bins

Bridges Road/ Bridges Crescent bollards have been put in place with a two-metre gap any problems arising should be passed onto County Cllr S Thompson.


74/2022 Neighbourhood Plan

The Clerk informed Members that no recent meetings of the topic groups had taken place a meeting of the Steering Group cannot be convened until the awaited information from the previous PR Company has been received.

A new PR Company is still being sought and a meeting was held two weeks ago with a prospective Company but no feedback has yet been received.

The Consultants are currently writing policies for the Plan so work is still being carried out.


75/2022 Grove Colliery

Cllr S Harding reported that she had information on the history of the Grove area

ready to pass onto the Consultants for the NP Plan.

No further information has been received from LWE.


76/2022 Chairmans Announcements and Correspondence

The incoming and outgoing correspondence circulated prior to the meeting was noted.


77/2022 Authorisation of Accounts

A schedule of payments for May was circulated prior to the meeting.  Cllr.J.Bernard referred to 2 entries for the Clerk’s salary but it was confirmed that only one amount has been paid.


Proposed:    Cllr.J.Bernard

Seconded:   Cllr. Mrs.S.Harding


It was resolved:


To approve the Accounts for May be authorised.


78/2022 Date of Next meeting


Date of next meeting Wednesday 15 June 2022 at 7pm at Norton Canes Community Centre Brownhills Road Norton Canes.





The Public are excluded because of the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 Section 2


79/2022 Clerk / RFO Vacancy


Cllr M Holder informed Members that the current Clerk was due to retire at the end of August 2022 but she had indicated that she would be flexible if need be.

It is anticipated that the Clerk designate would work along side the current Clerk for a transition period.

The Post has been advertised and adverts were placed in the Express and Star, the Chase Chronicle, SLCC, Job Centre, and the SPCA. Despite all adverts only one application has been received.

The Audit and Governance Committee received the application and the individual on paper appears to have been an extremely highly placed and has a local government background and with lots of local government experience.

A decision needs to be made as to whether the post should be readvertised however, if we do so we may find that following the advertisement we would be again in the same position. Alternatively full Council meet the applicant


The Audit and Governance Committee without prejudice met with the applicant and were very impressed and they unanimously recommend to the Council that they meet with the applicant and make a formal decision.


If the applicant is offered the post the Council will incur additional staffing costs from the 1 July 2022 as the new post holder would be working along side the existing Clerk an estimate for 25 hours per week and NI contributions being £4000.00


It was agreed that the Clerk call an Extraordinary Meeting of the Council at 7.00pm on Thursday 26 May 2022 and the applicant be invited attend and meet the Council.