Minutes of Norton Canes Parish Council

Held on 16TH March 2022 at 7 p.m.

At Norton Canes Community Centre


Present:          Cllrs. J.Preece

Mrs A Bernard

J Bernard

J Newbury

Mrs S Harding





Also in attendance:  

                                        Mrs.L.Florence – Clerk

                                    Cllr Mrs.S.Thompson – County Councillor

                                    Cllr.M.Hoare – District Councillor

                                        6 members of the Public

                                    Mrs.N.Morrisey – Information Governance Manager, SCC



Mrs.Morrisey had been asked to attend the Council meeting to provide an awareness to Councillors re their responsibilities regarding Data Protection and the consequences if things go wrong which could impact financially on the Parish Council.


Mrs.Morrisey gave a brief overview on all areas of GDPR (Data Protection) an highlighted the principles.  Mrs.Morrisey felt that most of what the Parish Council do is based on consent.    She went through some of the basics for people to remember which is do not share passwords or write them down where they can be found. Security of portable devices is important.   In terms of emails Cllr Preece said that it was important to know the difference between the BCC and CC as this is not always used correctly.   Question raised about photos and Mrs.Morrisey gave the response regarding this.   Cllr.Newbury raised a question about what format a subject access request is it in.  It was suggested that secure file transfer can be used but that we should also try to meet the wishes of the person requesting information.  There is usually a compromise.


A question raised by a member of the public regarding the electoral register.  It was highlighted that this is a public document.  Regarding how banks operate Mrs Morrisey said that she was not able to answer that question.


Mrs.Morrisey appreciated that there was a lot of information to absorb and agreed to send the slides containing the presentation given so that people could read this and refer to it as and when they needed to.


The Chairman thanked Mrs Morrisey for attending.


Public Participation:


Norton Canes Library – Representatives from the Library told the meeting they wanted to let the Council know the updated arrangements for the Library.  This followed a discussion at the last Council meeting when the limited opening times and access to the venue was affecting local groups from commencing meeting again  There are now 12 regular volunteers and a Friends of the Library has been set up with 5 members.  The opening times are Mon/Tues/Thurs 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday 10 am to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  There is also the opportunity to hire the meeting room in the evening.  The issue is the opening and closing of the library after use in the evening and it may be that regular hirers could be made Friends of the library and then they would be able to be the responsible person for this. Cllrs J.Bernard and Mrs.D.Todd are DBS checked for the library through their involvement at Heath Hayes Library.  A new website is being constructed .


The Parish Council asked the library if they could help in anyway with issues that the Library have with the Trust.  The representative from the library said that they wanted to work with the Parish Council to ensure that the library is to the benefit of the community.


Flooding on A5 to Lime Lane  – it was reported the flooding in this area was very bad.  County Cllr Mrs.S.Thompson told the meeting  that she is trying to get the people responsible for the drains to sort the problem.  District Cllr Hoare said that he thought a little culvert drain into the canal would solve the problem.  Cllr.Newbury said that need to be careful what is done in terms of work as the area has biological protection.


Potholes on Blakeney Way – it was reported that the potholes on Blakeney Way are still causing a problem.  County Cllr Mrs.Thompson said that she had been at a meeting to look at the potholes.  The chairman said the problem is that Blakeney Way wasn’t future proofed when planning the road.


Flooding outside of Co-op  – the issue of flooding outside the Co-op store which prevents people accessing the post box is still causing problems. This has been reported several times.  The Chairman said that we can only report the problem to the Co-op we have no power to force them to act


County Councillor Mrs.S.Thompson said that she would look into the matter.


Action:            Clerk to forward contact details for property management at the Co-op to County Councillor.


Public participation closed at 7.55 p.m.


35/2022     Apologies

Apologies were accepted from Cllrs. K.Fereday and M.Holder


36/2022     Declarations of Interest

Declarations of interest were received as follows;


Name of Councillor Agenda Item
Cllr.J.Preece PCC


37/2022     Minutes of the meeting and Matters Arising held on the 23rd February 2022

                   The Minutes of the meeting held on the 23rd February 2022 were taken as a true and accurate record.


Proposed:       Cllr.D.Bilbie

                   Seconded:      Cllr.Mrs.A.Bernard


                   Matters arising from the Minutes of meeting held on 23rd February 2022

Page 1 ­­  – amendment to attendance which should include County Cllr.Mrs.S.Thompson.


38/2022     Police Report

There was no police report available.  The meeting was told that PCSO Connor Ashton has now left Norton Canes and we are awaiting confirmation about replacement.  It was reported that there was a incident on Saturday 12th March re attempted car theft but the Police were called and arrest was made. There has also been reports re attempting to access cars on Braemar Road and Aspen Way.


39/2022     Reports from Councillors

There were no reports from Councillors


40/2022     Reports from Committees

  • Planning


Summary of Planning Applications

No of Planning Application Address of proposed application


Proposal Comments by Parish
Planning Committee
CH/22/0062 Unit 5 Orbital Retail Centre

Voyager Drive



To vary condition No. 15 of planning permission CH/95/0537 to increase the range of permitted goods that can be sold from premises To be discussed by Planning Committee
CH/22/0063 16 Stag Crescent

Norton Canes

Proposed rear garden building for office use with sleeping accommodation


To be discussed by Planning Committee
CH/22/0070 116 Burntwood Road

Norton Canes

New Oak Porch, rear single storey extension, conversion and extension of existing garage to form Hobby Room and Studio and new garden outbuilding To be discussed by Planning Committee
CH/22/0089 The Kings View

Stokes Lane


Retrospective planning re CH/21/0040 Gypsy/Traveller site for day room, utility buildings and associated ancillary buildings To be discussed by Planning Committee
CH/22/0084 24 Red Lion Lane

Norton Canes

Garage conversion To be discussed by Planning Committee
Decisions by CCDC      
None to report      


  • Projects


Cllr.Mrs.A.Bernard gave an overview of the plans for the Jubilee events on Thursday 2nd June and Saturday 4th June.   A new Beacon has been provided by the Welcome Back Fund.  We have applied for lottery funding for the event and have been successful in obtaining £3449.  The request for permission to use the park is being submitted and there was some feeling amongst the meeting that we should not have to pay as this is an open space.


Cllr.Mrs.Bernard informed the meeting that as we are having to secure acts attending the event we will need to pay deposits and so need authority to make advance payments.


It was resolved:

That the events working group move forward with the planning of the event and authority to pay for items that require deposits or up front payments to enable us to secure the acts/items for the jubilee event.


The meeting was told that we are looking at some sort of commemorative gift to give the children as a keepsake.


Volunteers will be needed for the day and if anyone has any ideas please bring them forward.


Family Fun Day – the family fun day which was financially supported by the Welcome Back Fun, was held on the 19th March.  This proved a very popular event with over 100 children attending the 3 sessions.


  • Audit &Governance

There were no financial matters to consider.


41/2022     New Cemetery

                   No further update still awaiting the Licence re the access pathway from the Solicitors for signing.


42/2022     Highways

The Chairman reported that the community speedwatch team had been in touch regarding the speedwatch session that had taken place recently on Chapel Street.  This street had been included at the start of the scheme but since that time a 20 mph zone has been installed which means the speedwatch is not required as it only relates to roads that are 30mph and above.  So Chapel Street will be removed from the list.


Cllr.Mrs.Harding asked if there were any other restrictions re parking in a 20mph zone.  It was noted that the government are looking at regulations for stopping pavement parking.


The issue of the what type of structure to put on Norton Hall Lane traffic island was raised.  This has been ongoing for sometime as no definite ideas have been put forward.  Clarification is needed regarding what height can be considered.  Cllr.Mrs.S.Thompson said that she would follow this up with the Highways Liaison Officer.


43/2022     Neighbourhood Plan

The work of the neighbourhood plan is ongoing but it was highlighted that this can only go at the pace of the District Council Local Plan as it all needs to link in together. The Chairman highlighted that as our Plan has to link in with the District Council Local Plan we are governed by their timeframe.


44/2022     Grove Colliery

There was nothing to report.


45/2022     Chairman’s Announcements and Correspondence

The correspondence circulated with Councillors papers was noted.


Community Award – the informed the meeting that there had been no nominations for the Community Award.  It was suggested that due to Covid the nominations received for the 2020 Award did not take place.  It was accepted that this Award should be carried forward to 2022.  That nomination was Janet Lee for her work as editor of the Village Newsletter.


                   It was resolved:


                               That the Community Award should be presented to Janet Lee.


46/2022     Authorisation of Accounts

A schedule of accounts was circulated prior to the meeting which was approved for payment.

There was an additional item for payment received after circulation for £45.80 for reimbursement for John Lee re purchase of items for the gardens.


Authorisation was also given for the S137 grants which have been agreed to be paid to groups on the 6th April which is the date of the Annual Parish Assembly.


Proposed:       J,Bernard

Seconded:      Mrs.S.Harding


47/2022     Date of next meeting  Wednesday 6th April – Annual Parish Assembly at 7 p.m.at Trinity Methodist Church, Poplar Street, Norton Canes.


Wednesday 20th April  at 7 p.m. at Norton Canes Community Centre, Brownhills Road, Norton Canes



SIGNED:  …………………………………………………………    DATED……………………………………