Minutes of  Meeting of the Council held on 16th June 2021 at Trinity Methodist Church  at 7pm

 Present:   Cllrs J.Preece











Also In Attendance:     Mrs.L.Florence (Clerk)

5 members of the Public

Cllr.M.Hoare, District Councillor


Public Participation: 

Public participation closed at


105/2021   Apologies

                    Apologies were received from Cllrs.Mrs.D.Todd, K.Fereday and R.Wilkinson.

Apology also received from County Councillor Mrs.S.Thompson


106 /2021 Declarations of Interest

                   There were no declarations of interest received.


     107/2021    Minutes of Council Meeting on 16th June

 The minutes of the Council meeting of the Council held on the 16th June were agreed as a

true and accurate  record.


       Proposed:          Cllr.

  Seconded:         Cllr.


    Matters Arising from the Minutes                



108/2021  Police Report

No police report was available.




94/2021     Reports from Councillors




   95/2021    Reports from Committees 


  • Planning


(b) Projects



  • Audit and Governance



97/2021     New Cemetery


     98/2021     Cema Upgrade                        

     99/2021     Neighbourhood Plan               


100/2021   Grove Colliery

101/2021   Chairman’s Announcements & Correspondence

                  To note the incoming and outgoing correspondence that was circulated prior to the meeting.



 102/2021    Authorisation of Accounts

A schedule of payments was circulated prior to the meeting.  The Clerk reported that there had been an additional invoice received for payment in the sum of £300 for Shelutions re the repair of the bus shelter on Brownhills Road.  This expenditure had already been approved by Council.


Proposed: Cllr.          

             Seconded: Cllr.


     103/2021   Date of next meeting

  • An extra-ordinary meeting to be arranged in early August to discuss the new cemetery.
  • Next Council meeting 15th September 2021. No meeting in August due to Summer    


                            Clerk to be given authority to arrange  a suitable venue.


     104/2021   Items for Information and Future Agenda  



                           The meeting closed at


SIGNED: ………………………………………………………………………   Dated : …………………………………………………..







Minutes of Council meeting held on 21st July 2021


New Cemetery

The meeting was informed that we had now received the Charities Act Survey after a long delay.  Section 9 of the report which sets out the terms of the agreement.had been circulated prior to the meeting.The new cemetery working group had recently me to discuss the report.  The working group had asked the Solicitor to clarify


Cllr.Holder set out some of the detail agreement and referred to the two amounts that had been included in the report one relating to a one off payment of £500 and one that referred to an annual amount of £250 per annum.  Cllr Holder said that the interpretation of those figures, pending clarification from the Dicoese Solicitors, was that as we were maintaining the pathway  then they had mitigated the figure to accommodate this.


Cllr.Holder told the meeting that the Consultants had submitted the application to the Ministry of Housing and Communities for their approval for us to apply for a loan for the new cemetery.  A response had been received requesting more information and one important point of wanting a more different Resolution by full Council.  Cllr Holder said that this would require an Extra ordinary General meeting to be arranged with just one agenda item to resolve the questions raised by the Government body to enable this to progress.


Committee Structure

Cllr Holder, as Chairman of the Audit and Governance Committee, had presented a report to Council for consideration relating to the Committee Structure.  The report itself was self explanatory in terms of the recommendations required.


As part of this process for introducing Terms and Reference it is proposed that these are meetings open to the public and therefore need to be at a suitable venue as the Parish Office would not be appropriate given its size.


Audit and Governance


Change of Bank Account

A report prepared by the Clerk was circulated prior to the meeting.  The report put forward a recommendation for the Parish Council to change its bank account.  This has arisen due to HSBC which is the current bank closing it counter facility at the Cannock Branch which is becoming digitised.  The report gave in depth detail of Unity Bank which is the preferred bank by a number of Parish and Town Councils who offer a good service that is tailored to the needs of Councils.


Emergency expenditure

Cllr Holder told the meeting that an email had been sent to the Audit and Governance Committee relating to some expenditure required with immediate effect due to problems with the garden areas following the current weather conditions.


The Clerk had also put forward a proposal that the lengthsman be paid for the additional extra hours that he has been doing to ensure the garden areas and hanging baskets are kept to the standard.  The Clerk explained that it is difficult for the lengthsman to have lieu time as this just compounds the problem that his tasks have to be covered when he is off.  During the current weather conditions we have also had to arrange to water the plants over the weekend.  Some of this has been carried out by the lengthsman but also the garden contractor has had to undertake this task which is in addition to his contract.


Cllr Ms.Harding said that the lengthsman has now confirmed that he will not have to undertake Jury service in August so we would not now have to cover his work and pay for the additional work to cover him at this time.



Authorisation of accounts

A schedule of payment for July had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Cllr J.Bernard asked if there had been any other payments made since circulation.  The Clerk reported that an invoice had been received from Shelutions relating to the repair of a seat on the bus shelter located on Brownhills Road.  The invoice was for the sum of £300 and this expenditure had already been authorised at a previous Council meeting.


Proposed:        J.Bernard

Seconded:       D.Bilbie


Date of Next Meeting:   Wednesday     September 2021 at 7 p.m. at Norton Canes Community Centre (unless government guidelines change).   An extra ordinary meeting will be held in early August.