Minutes of Council Meeting held on 16th January  2019 at Norton Canes Community Centre at 7pm


Present:               Cllr J.Preece








Also Present:        Mrs.L.Florence (Clerk)

7 members of the Public (4 left after the Presentation of Award)


The Chairman presented the winners of the Festive Window Competition with their Awards which were 1st Place J D Nevells, 2nd Place, Ann’s Café.  The 3rd place award went to Chequers Hairdressers and Mandie’s Baps, both of whom could not be in attendance.


The Chairman congratulated the winners and thanked all those who entered for continuing to support this event.  Cllr.Mrs.A.Bernard reiterated the comments of the Chairman and thanked all who take part in the small projects/events that the Parish Council organise.


The Chairman informed the meeting that he had agreed to a request for an agenda item to be discussed as a Confidential item and moved that the Public be excluded for this item.


  01/2019     Public Participation commenced at 7.05 pm


             Chapel Street – the issue of the vehicles being able to turn from Walsall Road into Chapel Street was raised as it was felt this to be dangerous due to the cars that park directly on the junction of Chapel Street.    This issue has been raised previously and yellow lines had been considered.  This can be raised again with the Highways Dept to request that this area be revisited.


Action:       Clerk to raise the issue re Walsall Road/Chapel Street junction with Highways to request                         that they revisit this issue and see if there is anyway to resolve the problem.


Burntwood Road it was reported that there was a pothole on Burntwood Road by the new houses at The  Stables.  Some work had been carried out on potholes in Burntwood Road but will request that this be looked into.


Action:        Clerk to raise query with Highways Dept re potholes on Burntwood Road.


Stokes Lane – the issues relating the gypsy/travellers located on Stokes Lane is getting worse. They are now  chopping trees down and the issue of general rubbish is not acceptable.  This has been raised with the Managing Director at the District Council requesting that they intervene and look into the issues.  Cllr.M.Holder said that the issue has become wider due to new family coming in as previously there had been an relationship and understanding with the then occupants and the  landlord..  The are is being used as a public toilet which is an environmental issue.  It was noted that Stokes Lane is a public right of way but this not being able to be used due to the location of the gypsy/travellers.


Action:      Clerk to contact the District Council requesting update of what action is being taken and    also request if the District Council can raise the issue of the children not being in education.


 Burntwood Road  – the issue of the amount of rubbish at the rear of a property in Burntwood Road (the old  dentist) which is in a focal point of the village was raised.  The Clerk confirmed that she had spoken to the workmen and a skip was being arranged which would resolve the matter.


                    Public Participation closed at 7.25 p.m.    


02/2019     Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs. J.Hampshire, J.Beddows, C.Cox and Mrs.M.Hopley


  03//2019    Declarations of Interest

Declarations of Interest were received from the following Councillors regarding agenda item 5


Cllr.J.Preece                   – Woodturners, Community Centre, British Legion


Cllr.Mrs.A.Bernard           – Community Centre


Cllr Mrs.S.Harding           – Watercolour Club


Cllr.J.Newbury                 – Community Centre

British Legion                      


04/2019    Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 19th December 2019

The Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 19th December were agreed as a true and accurate record.


Proposed:    Cllr. M.Holder

Seconded:   Cllr. J.Bridgen


Matters Arising from the Minutes


Page 2 –  Mud on Norton Hall Lane – it was reported that this issue has been taken to the Head of the          Company to request that they resolve the problem.


Page 3 – Recycling initiative – Cllr.J.Newbury informed the meeting that he had put in an application to the Company taking this initiative forward for the village.  There has been a lot of interest and he was not sure whether our area would be selected.  Will feedback information to Council when available.


05//2019  Police Report


                    No Police report was available.  The Chairman told the meeting that there is a lot of dangerous parking issues in the village which need to be addressed. He did send a document to the Police informing them of the issues but to date has not received an acknowledgement.  A letter will be sent to Inspector Sarah Bainbridge chasing this matter up.


The meeting was informed that there are a couple of ‘hot spots’ relating to anti-social behaviour in the village at the bottom of High Street and at the entrance by the Cema. The District Council are aware of matters and are looking at ways to resolve the problem.


06/2019   S137 Grant applications                    


   A schedule detailing the applications received for S137 grants was circulated prior to the meeting.  The   schedule contained amounts applied for and suggested amounts to be given as an aid for discussion as there were a large number of groups that had applied.  The budget for 2019-20 for S137 grants had been increased to £8,000. Cllr.J.Bernard did give an overview about how the suggested amounts for groups had been arrived at and what criteria had been applied.


Discussion ensued on the schedule and Cllr.J.Newbury did question why some groups had been awarded more than they had applied for.  Cllr.Bernard referred in particular to the Guides/Brownies and Rainbows group.  Each of these groups had requested funding to assist them in purchasing new programme resources and equipment. As the Rainbows had requested more funding but for the same reasons as the Guides and Brownies who had applied for less, it was felt appropriate that each group should receive the same amount.


Cllr.M.Holder suggested that going forward there should be a review of how the S137 payments are made and set a criteria that is more rigid for example look at implementing a grant aid scheme whereby groups can make application for more funding for capital items which would be determined by a smaller group of Councillors providing more scrutiny to the process.


It was agreed that this could be an agenda item for a future  Audit and Governance Committee.


It was resolved:


  • To authorise the grants as stated in the Schedule and that the cheques would be presented at the Annual Parish Assembly in April 2019.
  • Audit and Governance Committee to review the criteria and structure for future S137 grants.


07/2019   Reports from Councillors:


Community Speedwatch – Cllr.J.Bernard reported that the speedwatch scheme had commenced and that a planned session had been aborted due to weather conditions.  A speedwatch session did take place on Brownhills Road on 10th January and others are planned for February and March.  3 drivers were caught speeding and the information has been sent to the Police who will send letters to those individuals.  We are working with the Safer Roads Partnership regarding other roads being added to the list.  Cllrs.J.Bernard and J.Newbury are attending an engagement event for Community Speedwatch on the 2nd February. A meeting with the Safer Roads Partnership has been arranged for the 21st January to discuss any issues relating to the speedwatch.


08/2019   Reports from Committees


Summary of Planning Items

Comments forwarded to Cannock Chase Council by the Parish Council’s Planning Committee


No of Planning Application Address of proposed application


Proposal Comments by Parish
Planning Committee
CH/18/176 Land at Walsall Road, Norton Canes, Cannock Amended Description and Plans 1.        Parish Council welcome the affordable housing development.

2.       Suggestion of childrens playround as there is no access to local playgrounds.

3.       Concerns re infrastructure re local schools, health and transport provision.

CH/18/433 7 Bridges Road, Norton Canes Proposed erection of 4 dwellings No objections
CH/16/267 Land North if Wyrley Common and South of A5 Watling Street Application affects a Public Right of Way – application for Go Karting facility Parish Planning Committee meeting to be arranged to consider this application.
CH/18/426 71 Burntwood Road

Norton Canes

Proposed sing storey rear extension Permission granted

        Cllr.J.Preece informed the meeting that the development at Cherry Brook had received planning permission for 100% social housing.  He had raised the issues of no accessible playground and the lack of bus service in that area.  He also raised the issue of the unadopted road which has implications for bin lorries as they do not go down those designated roads. Cllr.M.Holder said that the County Council has the responsibility to make decisions regarding those issues which the District Council cannot then go against.

       The proposed development of 4 houses located at 7 Bridges Road was discussed.  Cllr.J.Newbury has met with the residents who have set up a group to oppose the application.  Discussion ensued as to whether this application had been considered properly.  Cllr.Newbury is meeting the residents again and the Clerk agreed to email him the response from the Parish Council which was no objection .


Cllr.Mrs.A.Bernard gave an overview of the projects that are on-going:

Xmas lights – this will be an agenda item for  Projects meeting at the end of January where the switch on date for 2019 will be discussed.

Welcome Sign – this has been ordered and hoping for installation at the end of March.

Aluminium Notice Board (Co-op) – this has been ordered and should be installed in February.

BKV  – we have been required to complete an expression of interest in entering the competition this year.  The final application needs to be submitted by 25th March.  Cllr Mrs.A.Bernard asked Councillors if they are happy to proceed with the entry.  It was suggested that Projects Committee consider this as planning needs to take place regarding tasks etc.  Other than entering the competition Cllr.J.Preece felt it was important as it helps us focus on the presentation of the village.

Action:    Projects Committee to discuss the entry for BKV and if agreed to proceed with the entry form.

          Parish Notice Board – the design has been chosen and the Parish Notice Board Company have been selected to manufacture the Board.  There is a delay in moving this forward as the District Council are stating that planning permission is required before we can proceed.  We are looking into this issue and hope to find a resolution shortly.

Summer Plants – due to some changes with the supplier we have been required to order the plants by early January.  Cllr.J.Hampshire and the Lengthsman have looked at what was required and the order has been placed.

Audit and Governance

Cllr.J.Bernard informed the Council that the Audit and Governance Committee were not due to meet until the end of March.  Cllr.Bernard reported on the follows:

(a)The Precept for 2019-20 agreed by Councillors has been submitted to the District Council.

(b) The Parish Office is in need of some redecoration/refurbishment as it has been 9 years since it was last refurbished.   The Clerk also raised the issue of a typist chair as currently she is using an Executive chair which does not give her the back support that is required. There is also a need to look at the heating system as the timer does not work on the existing system and the office is very cold during the morning taking a long time to heat up.

It was agreed that power be given to the Audit and Governance Committee to look into this and agree    expenditure.


It was resolved:

                     To give the Audit and Governance Committee the authority to look at the expenditure for a refurbishment of the office including decoration, new carpet, upgrading of heating system.

09/2019   New Cemetery

A meeting has been arranged for the 22nd January with Glenn Watson and Angela Grove, Officers at the District Council following the issue raised regarding the internal wall being listed which may have implications for moving forward with the project.

10/2019   Neighbourhood Plan

                Notes of the working group meeting held on the 8th January were circulated. Councillors were asked to note the action points which included contact with local groups, Police, Doctors Surgeries.  John Heminsley had prepared a Brief History of Norton Canes to fit into the Plan and we are looking to set up task and finish groups to take the Project forward.  The next meeting of the working group is the 12th February.  We will continue to update residents about the Plan through the Village Newletter.

It has been highlighted that meetings for the Neighbourhood Plan need to take place in the evening if we are going to engage with other volunteers to be part of the Steering group. The group set up so far is a working group to ‘kick start’ the process and there is no intention that this should be a closed group.  The Steering group should consist of residents, businesses, schools, other professionals and this will be taken forward at the next stage.   We need to take the opportunity to get this right.  Cllr J.Newbury stated that it was excellent that there have been 26 responses to volunteer as part of the Steering group and it is essential that they are involved in areas of the Plan.  Cllr.M.Holder said that he did not think it would be possible to accommodate 26 people as a Steering group but would be able to work in smaller groups to target themes of the Plan that would then be reported back to Steering Group.

  11/2019   Highways

 A meeting has been arranged with the Liaison Officer from Highways for the 31st January where the schedule     of works will be updated and any other issues raised.

12/2019   Chairman’s Announcements & Correspondence

Incoming and outgoing correspondence was circulated prior to the meeting and noted.


                   (a)Friends of Chasewater –  The Chairman referred to the new group that had been set up and launch that had taken place on the 19th January.  The event was well attended and informative.  The membership of the group can be as an individual at a cost of £1 or as an organisation £10.  The Chairman proposes that as Chasewater sits predominantly within the Norton Canes border that the Parish Council should become a member to be able to influence matters relating to Chasewater. The Chairman has contacted an Officer at the County Council re a bid for improvements on Chasewater.  It is frustrating however that the access from Norton Canes to Chasewater is not considered as a tourist part.


It was resolved:

                                That the Parish Council become a member of Friends of Chasewater at a cost of £10.


13/2019    Authorisation of Accounts                  

A list of accounts for payment in January 2019 had been circulated to members prior to the meeting which   were authorised.

Proposed:  Cllr. J.Bernard

                       Seconded:  Cllr.MrsS.Harding

14/2019    Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 20th February 2019  at 7 p.m. at Norton Canes Community Centre. 

15/2019    Items for Information and Future Agenda

The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.

 SIGNED: ………………………………………………..…….……….     DATED …………………………..………….


16/2019          Vice Chairman’s Chain of Office

                     A discussion ensued on a new Vice Chairman’s Chain of office.  An offer had been received from Cllr.J.Beddows to contribute towards the cost of a Chain as he felt that this would be in recognition of his role as Vice Chairman and for any future Vice Chairman of the Parish Council.


It was resolved:

                     To proceed with the purchase of a Vice Chairman’s Chain from Thomas Fattorini Ltd  at a cost of £ 5,176.28 and accept the kind contribution from Cllr.J.Beddows.


SIGNED ……………………………………….………………      DATED ………………………………………………………