You are hereby summoned to a Council Meeting of the Parish Council.

To be held on Wednesday 18th September 2019 commencing at 7.00pm  at Norton Canes Community Centre.





  1. Apologies

            To receive any apologies that may be forthcoming.


  1. Declaration of interests

           To receive any declarations of interest.


  1. Minutes of the Council Meeting and Matters Arising from the meeting held on the 17th July 2019

To approve the Minutes of the 19th July 2019


  1. Police Report

           To receive and consider Police report.


  1.  Councillor Vacancies

To consider the applications received for co-option to the 3 Councillor vacancies. (information previously circulated to Councillors)


  1. 6.  Annual Return 2018-19

To note the completion of the External Auditors report regarding the Annual Return for 2018-19 (copy attached)


  1.     Local Government Review

Electoral Review – To report on the decision of the Local Government Boundary Commission to carry out an electoral review of the Cannock Chase District (copy correspondence attached)


  1. Consultation re Burntwood Town Council Neighbourhood Plan

To consider the Parish Council’s response to the consultation.


  1.        Reports from Councillors

           To receive Councillors reports

  • Feedback from meeting with Capital Project Manager at CCDC re projects for the village.   (Cllr.J.Preece)
  • Consideration of being a Dementia Friendly Community (report attached). (Cllr.Mrs.S.Harding)





  1.                   Reports from Committees


  • Planning – to consider planning applications/decisions (summary attached)


  • Projects and Village Enhancement
  •   To receive feedback re Projects Committee meeting held on the     7th August 2019 (copy minutes attached)
  •   To consider suggestions for projects to enhance the village. (copy  report attached)


(c) Audit and Governance

(i)      To receive feedback from the Audit and Governance Committee       meeting held on the 19th August (copy minutes attached)

(ii)    To confirm the funding of £600 contribution to the Youth Outreach                Worker Project

(iii)   To confirm expenditure required for Arboreal Report re new cemetery planning application.


  1.  New Cemetery

To receive update


  1.    Neighbourhood Plan

To receive update from Steering Group meeting held on the 5th September (copy draft minutes attached)


  1.   Highways

 To report any issues relating to Highways.


  1.   Chairman’s Announcements & Correspondence

(a) To note incoming and outgoing post. (attached)

(b) Feedback from Joint Parishes Meeting –(copy notes attached)


  1. Authorisation of Accounts

           To note the payments and authorise accounts for August and September             2019 (copy attached)


  1. Date of Next Meeting – 16th October 2019 at 7pm at Norton Canes

          Community Centre.         


  1. Items for information for future agenda




L.M.Florence, Clerk                    

The Parish Office, Burntwood Road, Norton Canes, WS11 9RE

TELEPHONE 01543 276812