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To: All Members of Norton Canes Parish Council

Dear Councillor,

You are hereby summoned to attend the Parish Council on Wednesday 27th October 2021 commencing at 7 p.m. at Trinity Methodist Church, Poplar Street, Norton Canes which the business set out below will be transacted.

Yours sincerely

Linda Florence


Norton Canes Parish Council


  1.       Apologies

To receive any apologies that may be forthcoming. 

Declaration of interests

             To receive any declarations of interest.

  1. Minutes of the Council Meeting and Matters Arising from the 15th September 2021

To approve the Minutes of the 15th September 2021 meeting and consider any matters arising.

  1. Police Report

             To receive and consider Police report.

  1. Changes to Standing Orders

(a)    To approve a variation  to Standing Orders (attached report)

(b)    To receive a Motion to vary the standing Orders of the Council (attached)          

  1.            Additional Admin Support

               To consider a report for additional admin support for the Council (see attached report)

  1.           Remembrance Sunday

                To note the arrangements for Remembrance Sunday services.

  1.  School Placements in village

To discuss the issue of school places in the village following correspondence from County Councillor Samantha Thompson.

  1.         Maintenance of Pathway from Walsall Road to Bridges Crescent

To report on complaints received and responsibility for maintenance of path from Walsall Road leading to Bridges Crescent (see attached agenda report).

  1.          Reports from Councillors

             To receive Councillors reports

  1. Reports from Committees
  • Planning

To consider planning applications/decisions (summary attached)

(b)  Projects

To receive an update re ongoing projects

  • Lantern Parade
  • Bench Plaque for ex Councillor John Hampshire (see attached agenda report for suggested wording)
  • To discuss the location and design for the display of the replica of the Miner’s Plaque (see attached

agenda report)

  • To consider the location for the 2 flashing speed signs (see attached report)
  • Festive Window Competition – to consider the arrangements

(c)   Audit and Governance

To consider any financial matters

  •   Expenditure for Christmas lights (see attached report)
  •  Funds approved by Welcome Back Fund update
  1.  New Cemetery

To receive an update on the new cemetery following a meeting with Solicitiors on 21st October re draft legal document re access pathway to new cemetery. (report to be emailed prior to Council meeting)

  1. Highways

To consider any highways issues. 

  1. Cema Upgrade

To receive an update.

16..      Neighbourhood Plan

           To receive an update.

  1. Grove Colliery

To consider any matters arising.

  1. Chairman’s Announcements & Correspondence

            To receive incoming and outgoing post.(attached)

  1. Authorisation of Accounts

            To authorise accounts for October 2021  (attached schedule)

  1. Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 17th November 2021 at 7 p.m at Norton Canes Community Centre,Brownhills Road, Norton Canes.
  2.    Items for information for future agenda