Ref: lmf                                                                                                                          14th January 2022

To: All Members of Norton Canes Parish Council

Dear Councillor,

You are hereby summoned to attend the Parish Council on Wednesday 19th January 2022 commencing at 7 p.m. at Trinity Methodist Church, Poplar Sreet, Norton Canes which the business set out below will be transacted.

Yours sincerely

Linda Florence


Norton Canes Parish Council


  1.       Apologies

To receive any apologies that may be forthcoming.


  1. Declaration of interests

             To receive any declarations of interest.


  1. Minutes of the Council Meeting and Matters Arising from the 22nd December 2021

To approve the Minutes of the 22nd December 2021 meeting and consider any matters arising.


  1. Police Report

To receive and consider Police Report


  1. Reports from Councillors

To receive any reports from Councillors.


  1. Reports from Committees
  • Planning

To consider planning applications/decisions(summary attached)


  • Projects

                To receive an update on ongoing projects and consider the following matter:

  • Nhbgj                              3 Triangular land between Hednesford Road/Brownhills Road (see attached agenda report and email)
  • Family Fun Day (see attached agenda report)
  • Audit and Governance

          To consider any financial matters.  To discuss the following items:

  • Precept 2022-23 (see attached email)
  • Consideration of donation for John Beddows and Bob Todd
  • Expenditure for replacement of Defibrillator (see attached agenda report and email)
  • Bank accounts containing Reserves money (see attached agenda report)
  • Plaque in remembrance of John Beddows (see attached agenda report)
  • Cil report submitted to District Council (copy attached)


  1. Review of Lantern Parade 2021

To review the Lantern Parade and consider what plans need to be made for the 2022 event.


  1.     Achieving Goalz and Dreams

To consider a request for Parish Council support for intervention sessions with young people (report to be circulated

prior to the meeting)


  1. School Placements

             To consider the contents of the letter received from the County County in response to the concerns of the Council relating to lack of school placements in the village and to consider the Parish Council response.  A copy of the letter has previously been circulated to Councillors.


  1. New Cemetery

To receive an update (see attached agenda report)


  1. Highways

To consider any highways issues.       


  1. Cema Upgrade

           To receive an update following a meeting held on the 13th January of the project group.(see attached agenda report)


  1. Neighbourhood Plan

To receive an update on the work of the Plan.


14..     Grove Colliery

           To receive any update.


  1. Chairman’s Announcements and Correspondence

           To note any incoming and outgoing correspondence.


  1. Authorisation of Accounts

          To authorise accounts for January 2022 (attached schedule)


  1. Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 16th February 2022. at 7 p.m Venue to be advised.